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SLR Contracting & Service Company, Inc. (SLR) is a full service General Construction and Construction Management Company. Established in 1996, by President and CEO Sundra L. Ryce, this Buffalo, New York based company is proud to be a certified Minority and Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WMBE) and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE). SLR specializes in all aspects of General Construction, Construction Management and Development. Committed to exemplary customer service, SLR continues to grow and has positioned itself to successfully deliver on the immediate, as well as long-term objectives of its diverse customer base.

While growing steadily and strategically, SLR remains true to its core values of Safety, Integrity, Teamwork, Diversity, Customer Service, Quality, Growth and Performance. SLR continues to increase its strong repeat customer base by consistently offering top of the line quality and overall performance to their growing list of new clients.

On the leading edge of environmental awareness, SLR Contracting & Service Company puts a tremendous emphasis on using energy wisely. By embracing these new and emerging technologies, like the LEED program, (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the company helps to promote and support these new standards, which promise to shape our world's environment for future generations.

Well known for its integrity, SLR Contracting exemplifies diversity in every facet of its business. The company's motto, "Experience the Difference" is seen throughout the organization and can be found in the make up of their seasoned team members as well as in the diverse projects they undertake. Whether it's a Federal or local government project, a public or private sector concern, each one is handled with the same dedication to excellence, providing extraordinary quality, performance and results. With a team of more than 30 full time employees, SLR Contracting continues to grow, both internally and externally while fortifying its position in the industry. The company is proud to enjoy an excellent reputation for providing complete, high-end, commercial construction services and remains dedicated to building meaningful, long-term business relationships with its clients.

Certified WBE    MBE    DBE
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